How to manage “Engineer—Order” Supply Chain and addressing the challenges?

March 2017 

About the Speaker

Nermine Abu Hulwa

Africa Zone Solutions Supply Chain Senior Manager at Schneider Electric.


Holder of Master degree from Euro Med and diploma in legal drafting and UN Language from AUC.


Tarek El Gababary

Supply Chain Manager

Leader with motivational management style, results oriented with excellent track record for identifying opportunities for accelerated growth supported with Project Management platforms, LEAN science, intensive KPIs follow up and roadmaps execution.

Schneider has the most complex supply chain which vision is delivering sustainable competitive advantage being a valued customer for the best in class suppliers and a function of choice for our employees. They develop their Supply chain people, guarantee availability of their high quality products to their customers, develop suppliers capability and control logistics cost.

Schneider sourcing operates around 4 main functions: 1) Commodity markets 2) supply chain regions 3) Transversal and support functions and business. They have two types of sourcing: 1. Production Sourcing which is an operational activities, 2) project solution sourcing which is more complex as unique as per project, temporary and progressive 

The sourcing strategy is based on 4 pillars:

1. Global performance with suppliers which aim to boost purchasing performance on customer critical dimensions, boost global efficiency which impact on industrial cost and working capital and reducing development cost and boost savings. 

2. Localization as Schneider focuses on dealing with local partners who can grow with the company and drive sustainable global performance. 

3. Suppliers concentrations to ensure flow between suppliers and factories 

4. Quality value engineering which aims to optimizing the cost with no impact on quality or process sustainability. 

QVE is involved in Redesign to cost—material wastage, changing material, production process reengineering, developing new products and Lean Manufacturing. 

How to manage “Engineer—Order” Supply Chain and addressing the challenges.

Engineering Bill of Material  Order Entry   Suppliers process lead time Shipping components and raw material Production/Assembly and Quality Customer Test Packing & Shipping to customer 

 • Among many initiatives to support local suppliers and develop them, Schneider has been engaged with Industrial Modernization Center in Egypt to develop local suppliers. 

Also Schneider participates in Engineering faculties and syndicates, offering technical programs and certification for technicians on electric—graduate program of 20-25 student every year to develop them and choose the best of them to join Schneider.

Finally Schneider has been in Egypt over the last 30 years and participated in mega projects leaving a legacy of running a state of art technologies and effective yet extremely complex supply chain process.   


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