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You will have a discount in the following cases:
1. Early Registration till 4th Nov'18,you will have 10% discount
2. If you are a symbios-consulting client ,you will have 10% discount
3. If you are a member of OPEX society ,you will have 20% discount
4. If you are a member of Engineers Syndicate,you will have 15% discount
5. If you are a current student, you will have 30% discount
6. Group of 5+ ,you will have 20% discount
7. Group of 10+ ,you will have 25% discount

Note: in case of being a member of Engineers Syndicate or College Student, you will need to send a scanned soft copy of your membership ID to this mail within 1 day from filling this application:

Deadline of payment with discounts 4th November 2018

Have you ever wondered ‘How ‘Lean’ is Changing the World ⁉️

Lean production is simply a systematic method for waste minimization that can be applied to the process flow from order to delivery in every industry.


Eliminate waste- any consuming in time, resources, or space that does not add any value to your product or service.


Reduce total costs by producing efficiently without waste and losses.


Reduce time to finish an activity from start to finish

?Get ready for ready for the 4th year of success "Lean Transformation Conference 2018" stay tuned for more details!

Registration . Stay tuned for more details 


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is a platform designed for executives and practitioner in the disciplines of Business Process Improvement (BPI), Continuous Improvement (CI) and Lean Six Sigma.

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