Supply Chain Management End - End Concept

March 2017

About the Speaker

Eng. Sameh Sabry

Supply Chain Director at Unilever Mashreq


- Graduated from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Engineering, joined Unilever in 1997 as Electric Engineer, Maintenance Manager, Project Manager at Binzager Lever plant in KSA, back to Egypt as Mashreq Personal Care Factory Manager, Supply Planning Manager and then Plant General Manager back in Binzager Lever KSA. 


• Supply Chain Management embraces Suppliers and Customers to offer an End– End perspective

• Effective Supply Chain Management addresses VUCA ; we are working in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous Environment.  Supply Chain Excellence results in savings; as it pushes companies to reduce WASTE, develop their suppliers and consider reducing cost at every stage of the complex process. In Unilever, we develop our suppliers and encourage them to bring their investments to Egypt as they will enjoy competitively cheap labor and reasonable operation cost while guaranteeing that we take their production as well as other competitors in the region. It’s a win win situation for Unilever to reduce shipping of raw material cost and duration and for the country to bring more investments in. Unilever has built a hub in Alexandria that one of its factories will dedicate its production to export purposes only.

•   Unilever , over the last 5 years, has  been improving its rank in Gartner Supply Chain Excellence Ranking until became 1st in 2016.  It’s the most prestigious award in this field. It’s based on Gartner, peer opinion and auditing. 

• Unilever has an excellent record of sustainable development in Egypt among other branches. Zeinab initiative is an example of helping women in unprivileged governorates sell Unilever products from home and generate income. Similar to this they provided young men with bikes to sell their products in alleys and small villages and generate income. 

• In the environment front, and among many initiatives, they consider reducing their footprint and impact; for example by reducing water consumption in their business thus moving forward more concentrated detergents. 


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