LEONI Wiring Systems Supply Chain Management

March 2017

 About the Speaker


Mohamed Nassef

Head of Supply Chain in Leoni Wiring Systems Egypt and Management team member 

Board member of the Engineering Export Council of Egypt (EEC-EG)

Holder of MBA and BSc of Electric Engineering. 

Over 24 year experience in Supply Chain Management  

LEONI’s global supply chain vision is to satisfy all our stakeholders. In LEONI Egypt the vision is to maintain customer satisfaction trough developing supply chain members and reducing cost by eliminating non value added processes. Every day, supply chain team must provide an idea to be displayed and ranking is given according to ranking of these ideas and key performance indicators and total savings between departments. Competition in our case is between LEONI’s different business units across the world. 

Supply chain elements start with procurement,  inbound transportation, raw material inventory , production scheduling, finished goods warehousing, and outbound transportation and distribution, 

Supply chain network in LEONI starts with the supplier providing 10% of raw material, 90% comes from LEONI’s raw material consolidation centers which needs to be very close to the customer and this is the main area we constantly work on improving . Our main consolidation centers are in Germany and UK near our customers in this region as BMW , Jaguar , Land rover and Mercedes . LEAD Time in Automotive business is crucial and sensitive,  thus we work on reducing it to be only 1 week, production cycle takes 1 week, delivery by shipping to LEONI warehouse takes 2 weeks and 1-2 weeks inside the warehouse . Safety stock is only 1 week instead of 3 weeks back to 2 years ago.

Budgeting process, sales and operation planning every month, MPS Master Production Schedule run on a weekly basis, Sequencer is more of a daily plan. Generate supplier order and receive its confirmation, some customers receive dedicated container thus shipped by sea however other shipping is usually done by airfreight. 

LEONI Egypt Supply chain challenges and ways of overcoming these challenges: 

• Geographical location in Egypt : Raw material control is another challenging area especially that we deal with other LEONI branches as Tunisia and Morocco and both have better shipping facilities to Europe as for example there's a daily ferry from Tunisia to Europe. LEONI Egypt  

• Internal material flow is very dynamic as customer changes their requests all the time., sometimes every day, We’ve taken several actions to improve all aspects of the process including transportation and adopted multi model options that may be a bit expensive that combines for example air freight with sea freight . However with prioritization of shipped goods according to their value, maximize the volume of goods to match the container dimensions have resulted of good savings. 

• As each supplier has his own packaging that we worked on standardizing it as well as material classification to ensure best use of our shipped container.  

• LEONI has developed its own IT automated solutions that provides priority list of the products needed from each production  station among many analytics reporting features to take the right decision at the least possible time.

  About LEONI 

A global supplier of wires, optical fibers, cables and cable systems as well as associated services to the automotive sector 

Has over 74000 employees and is represented in the 32 country with 92 production facilities. 


LEONI Egypt 

Was established in 1997 with a factory in the public free zone and now has10 factories, 104 customers abroad and deal with over 250 suppliers in 25 countries all over the world. 


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